Burgess Hill is under attack from our own councils!

Both Burgess Hill Town Council and Mid Sussex District Council are trying to bury our beautiful semi-rural town under thousands of tons of concrete by selling off council land to the developers, and also encouraging massive housing estates to be built on private land to the North and East of Burgess Hill.

3,500 homes are due to be built in what is termed the 'Northern Arc' - an area of exceptional natural beauty which forms a natural flood plain for the rivers to the north of the town, and nearly 500 more on the land known as Kings Way to the east - right next to Ditchling Common - a protected site of great environmental significance.

Hit List
  • Northern Arc

    Countryside in the Northern Arc, Burgess Hill, soon to be destroyed by thousands of high-density, low-quality homes that the town simply doesn't need.

  • Kings Way

    Ditchling Common under threat of adjacent housing. 480 houses to be built right next to this common land. The rapid urbanisation of our surrounding landscape is a one-way street. We must not let it happen.

  • Ote Park

    Land already lost off Manor Road, which is now a Bloor Homes development of densely packed houses. This is nothing like the density of the homes planned for the Northern Arc!

Lost forever
Natural habitat like this is essential for the support of native wildlife, and we cannot sit by and watch the developers build on top of it. Once it's gone, it's gone forever. Money can't buy this back.